Leaded lights - plain & simple

Traditional leaded lights, square, rectangular or diamond paned, made to order

Full service from design to installation, or supply only

Repairs and restoration

Leaded lights may be made with lead from 6 to 16mm width (one quarter to five eighths inch) with a rounded or flat profile - the flat usually having a small bead at the edges. We can use regular 3 or 4mm float glass, which is very flat and 'perfect', but often use a variety of horticultural glass, around 3mm, which has a less perfect surface, and provides a more traditional look. There are a variety of machine and handmade 'restoration' glasses available, with small bubbles (seeds) and an irregular surface and thickness. This (expensive) glass may be used throughout the panels or intermixed with less costly glass, to provide an older appearance.

Simple leaded lights

As well as more decorative leaded glass panels I make traditional leaded lights with diamond, square  or rectangular shaped 'quarries'. - the individual pieces of usually plain uncoloured glass, set together in lead with a width and profile appropriate to the location and appearance required.

It’s important that the arrangement of the lead is such that long runs in one piece are avoided since that may introduce a weakness, since strength is conferred by ensuring that the are a number of instances of cross leading - a bit like the way courses of bricks are arranged in a wall. Narrow thin steel strips may be concealed within the lead, edgewise to the glass to add rigidity.  Support bars are also commonly added, set into the frame and 'hiding' behind lead lines. The panel is fixed to these bars with copper tie-wires.

Making new leaded light

  • Shows assembly of glass pieces onto the pattern, partly leaded, cutting lead with knife. Note the 16mm wide border (its more commonly 12mm wide) and the horseshoe nails.

Completed large lights

  • leaded lights made in Somerset

    With 12mm wide flat profile English made lead, all with refinforcing steels hidden within the lead, edge-wise to the glass - for a Somerset farmhouse.

Under construction

  • New leaded light sample being made for Somerset project. Uses a mixture of restoration quality glass and simple drawn glass to create a older appearance at reasonable cost. Note the 'weaving' of the leads in each direction for greater strength. 8mm wide round profile lead.

Leaded lights

  • All with 6mm wide round profile lead and in 3mm drawn glass for replacement casement windows  in South London

Leaded lights with motiff

  • .

    Simple leaded lights to client's pattern, fitted in a summer house in Glastonbury.

Coloured leaded lights 

  • .

    Simple rectangular pattern with coloured glass