Stained glass photo galleries

Click/tap the image for examples of this shape or type

We have made or restored the leaded glass in these galleries, using traditional methods and materials

 More galleries and for the very latest work see our Instagrams: Somerset and  London


stained glass gallery, tall vertical long stained glass panels

'Portrait' aspect long rectangles, typically in Victorian doors


stained glass gallery, wide horizontal stained glass panels

'Landscape' aspect, wide rectangles, typical of 1930s doors, transoms & fanlights


stained glass gallery, square stained glass panels

This example contains specially made blown coloured glass roundels

Round, oval

stained glass gallery, round, circular stained glass panels

Often called 'portholes'

Names, numbers

stained glass names and numbers gallery

There are a variety of ways to make the element containing the number

Birds, animals

birds and animals in stained glass

Peacocks, puffins, swallows, swifts...


VIctorian style stained glass gallery

Victorian panels often have a lot of smaller glass pieces and painted details


Edwardian style stained glass gallery

Edwardian (early years of the 20th century tend to be more 'airy' designs

Art Deco

Art Deco style stained glass gallery

Art Deco (dont confuse with Art Nouveau)  - bold, geometric


faith and religion related  stained glass gallery

Various designs with Christian and Indian traditions

Door sets

Stained glass door sets

Some of our work show in position in front and otehr doors



Leaded lights

Leaded lights made in Somerset

Simple, usually plain glass in squares, rectangles and diamonds


Our personal selection - stories behind most of these


Tools for stained glass

Various of our tools for makings stained glass windows


stained glass materials

Glass, lead, and other 'stuff' we use


Making stained glass


Fitting and restoration

Stained glass restoration and fitting


All of the work shown in these galleries is our own production - they are bespoke new panels to clients' commissions, or existing panels that have been restored, usually by taking apart and rebuilding with new lead after the glass has been washed and new pieces cut to replace cracked or missing ones. Much of it is fitted in South London, (where we still work occasionally) some installed behind panes of protective safety glass.  We moved to Somerset in 2017. See some of our latest Somerset stained glass work here.

Bespoke and made to measure, in the same way as our plain leaded lights. We use various kinds of plain and textured coloured glass and will work with you to create the design you are looking for.  We tend not to use some of the cheaper glass availabe from China and India since we feel it's not representative of traditional English style of glass.

We often prepare a preliminary sketch at no charge, if you provide the approximate sizes along with an idea of how you'd like it to look along with some colour preferences.