Commissioning stained glass windows & leaded lights

 We design, make, restore & fit leaded glass for windows & doors using traditional methods & materials

You may be thinking about your stained glass window project as simply something new to keep the weather out, or perhaps as a bespoke art work, with particular relevance to you.  
If you are thinking about a stained glass project,  do get in touch, we will be happy to try and help.

We start by thinking about the design, and for that we need the approximate size and shape of the spaces in which the stained glass is to be fitted. It’s helpful if you have some firm idea about the design, and the colours, but if you are a bit vague on this, we can help – there are lots of examples in our galleries, and we can mix and match various elements of these together. We are happy to have an initial discussion with no commitment or cost on your part, and to work face to face, or by email in the early stages.

To give you a rough idea of costs we need photographs and approximate sizes of the openings where the glass is to be fitted and some ideas about how you want it to look. If there are patterns in any of our galleries that you like, let us have the references.  To make a new design proposal we may need to visit the site and have a more detailed discussion about just what you want. We will always provide a written estimate and drawing of the proposed new stained glass before we ask for a deposit.

We use special stained glass design software, which produces a coloured visual as well at the final drawings from which we cut the glass and make the panel. At some point you will want to see the glass that might be used. There is a wide variety of colours and textures available. You will be welcome to visit us by appointment, and we will probably need to visit you once the job is confirmed, to measure, etc.

Its always helpful to have an idea of budget. Certain regulatory requirements may apply to the project, along with any measures to protect the new glass, and these need to be understood in advance. More on our design page.

We provide a final coloured visual of the job for agreement, require a depsosit before staring work, and provide a final invoice for payment at or before installation or delivery.
We are currently below the threshold that requires us to add VAT to our estimates.


We will work with you to create what you are looking for, we can make our own design proposals, and offer a variety of sources for design ideas. Sometimes clients want to replicate what may have been in place earlier in the life of their home - sources for these designs can come from neighbouring houses, architectural sources, or generated from knowledge of the era and style of the building. Others want some thing radically different.

There can be the opportunity to personalise the design, inserting elements of particular significance to the owners. We can develop and agree a short design brief, which will take account of your ideas, the context of the panel - in terms of the aesthetics and the practicalities of ensuring the design can be securely made and mounted. From this we will prepare a visual and select glass samples. Once this is agreed we will submit a formal quotation, and request a deposit before proceeding further.

It's important to note the panel will look very different looking in (from outside), to looking out (from inside) , depending on the light source. Coloured glass in panels mounted internally - that is not as windows to the outside - can look very different (generally a lot darker) because of the lack of direct light, to the same glass in a window in the sun.


The weight and flexibility of the panel mean that unless it is well supported it will sag and bow - even quite small panels have this tendency. To overcome this, and generally add strength, external and internal reinforcement may be used.

Its common, and good practice for security (although it can detract from the appearance of the panel) to install behind a sheet of laminated (or maybe toughened) glass. Adding to existing glazing in this way may minimise disruption and installation cost, although as mentioned above the impact of the external appearance is lost somewhat.


Needs to be taken into account at the design stage. Leaded glass panels are surprisingly heavy - and the frame - or whatever - into which they will be installed has to be adequate. Larger designs are usually assembled from a number of linked panels. We can install, or liaise with your glazier, builder or contractor.